AHAA - AHA Algae Treatment

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AHAA - AHA Algae Treatment
AHAA - AHA Algae Treatment
AHAA - AHA Algae Treatment

Formulated to pamper you with the ultimate spa experience at home, our gentle resurfacing facial mask uses 10% AHA fruit acids which has been shown to decongest pores, slough off dead skin, and brighten the skin tone. But we also use potent marine and terrestrial ingredients to augment the AHAs, delivering a knockout blow against dull, unhealthy skin. Add this treatment to your weekly ritual for more even, radiant, healthier skin. Made with love in Detroit, Michigan. 


  • Dead Sea mud and clay have been shown to absorb toxins and debris
  • Raw honey, royal jelly, and turmeric can be used to prevent and clear up acne, reduce inflammation, and even skin tone
  • Chlorella and squalene has been shown to maximize absorption of hydration and nutrients, encouraging cell turnover, and smoothing the skin's surface


Distilled Water, AHA Fruit Acid Complex, Dead Sea Mud, Dead Sea Clay, GelMaker Nat, Chlorella (Blue/Green Algae) Powder, Algae Extract, Raw Honey, Hemp Seed Oil, Squalene Light, Fragrance (Essential Oil Blend) , Royal Jelly Extract, Geogard Ultra Powder (Ecocert Preservative), Turmeric Powder 

How To Use:

Spoon into hands and apply to damp face and neck in an even, thick layer. Allow to sit on skin 8-10 minutes, then rinse thoroughly. Keep away from eyes.

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