Anita Sweater Ecru

Paloma Wool

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Anita Sweater Ecru
Anita Sweater Ecru
Anita Sweater Ecru
Anita Sweater Ecru

Cult fave Paloma Wool's newest version of their soft signature knit sweater with new unisex sizing. Face jacquard sweater. Color ecru. So warm and soft you will live in it. Always a F/W staple. 


  • 36% Mulesing Free Wool 35% Polyacrilic Fiber 15% Responsible Alpaca 8% Polyamide 5% Recycled Polyamide 1% Elastane (see more below)
  • Made in Spain
  • Hand wash do not bleach


Paloma Wool knits are mulesing-free from carefully, pain-free shaven animals that are bred and fed in their natural environment, respecting their natural habitat and life patterns. 

Responsible Alpaca comes from animals bred in their natural environment, respecting their habits. Alpaca BBY labels mean the wool is carefully shorn off an animal for the first time before they are three years old. 

Some designs require polyamide in their composition, so we apply and reuse polyester from post-consumer recycled plastic bottles. The manufacturing of pieces from recycled polyester is an effective method to reduce the significant environmental footprint of plastic while providing beneficial and effective fabrics. 

The brand believes it can be a positive closed-loop production system as everything can be continuously recycled with no quality degradation, ensuring durability and minimizing waste.

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