About Coup D'etat

Angela Wisniewski, owner of the Coup D’etat in New Center, opened the boutique in November of 2019.

In the historic Albert Kahn-designed space, Coup D'etat offers an eclectic selection of independent designs. Angela defines Coup D’etat as a “lifestyle shop” catering primarily to women. But there’s definitely something for everyone — the shelves are lined with beauty products, books, accessories, jewelry and an assortment of self-knowledge tools.

“Style isn’t just what you’re wearing — it’s what you’re doing, it’s what’s going on inside.” - A.W.

Style has been her main form of expression since she was a kid. Always gravitated toward pieces and lines that were outside of what her peers were wearing, she was inspired to curate a shop and space that would connect people to small, boutique designers that they might not find anywhere else.